So here we blog

Did you see blue over there all snuggled up next to green? Just because they are a primary color, they think they are so cool.

Red, Yellow they know their place. Good thing too ‘cause you can’t tell red anything. They get all in your face and that’s the end of it.

Yellow though, that’s the one you gotta look out for. All bright and calculating. They know it’s up to them how green or orange things are going to be.

Anyways, the rest of us don’t give a damn. We’re just happy getting out of the box. Not black and white though.

Black says they only get used for boring stuff like drawing walls and roads. Not that I blame them. When was the last time you saw a black flower or a black butterfly anyways.

Then there is white.
How does white even get noticed? When the damn paper is white, what difference does it make if you draw something beautiful with it? It just blends into the background.

So, I wrote this for a college assignment. I don't really usually think about race issues but race, culture and community were the themes assigned to me. I wrote quite a few poems, some better than others. Whenever I don't feel like writing but want a new post, I think I will share another. I seem to really be enjoying blogging lately. You are one of my only chances for steady adult conversation.