So, you can see

I haven't really blogged much lately. It isn't that nothing is going on, but other than the day in day out stuff I generally find too boring to write about, I just don't seem to have the words or images to describe what is going on. I didn't even finish that music post the way I wanted too but after 3 or 4 days of not getting any further, I just hit submit.
I've had some negative stuff on my mind that I have considered writing about here. If I post again this week, it may be a downer.
/end warning
I should post about the boxing class I went to Thursday also. That was both a good workout and therapeutic.

Musings on Malodorous Music

I am getting more tolerant of bad music. When twangy country comes on someones radio, I don't immediately change the station. I can even listen to Zombie by The Cranberries. Today, however I realized that Salvation by that same horrible band is a song I may never tolerate. I invite you to try a listen if you dare. I was working under the fume hood, fully focused on my work when the song started. I don't remember hearing the intro or even the first verse, but when I heard her bleat out the chorus, it was instant and painfull.

Having all brothers and only being around boy cousins has left me severely under prepared for most things girl related. Among that laundry list is styling hair. But of course youtube has howtos for just about everything. So today before church, I found this. It isn't perfect, but I think Autumn looks pretty cute.