If I ever move away from San Diego, high up on the list of things I'll miss is Balboa park. The zoo, the museums, the beautiful park-like setting of everything. Why am I thinking about that? Last night was my company Christmas party. And it was held at the air and space museum. I hadn't been there before. By extention of my father, I'm a big nerd when it comes to aviation history so I loved seeing all the old planes and artifacts of history. Since I'm writing this in church, I'll make it short, I just wanted to make good on my promise of new blog posts.

Thinking about blogging again

A lot of things have been on my mind lately and I've had the urge a few times to put them down somewhere. So check back here in the coming days or weeks. I may be back on the blogging horse.

Oh, hai!

So, I've fallen off the blog and I'm not sure I'll be getting back on. It seems to come in spurts and I may pick back up for a little while every now and again but for now, if you're not friends with me on Facebook, feel free to add me. I use FB quite a bit and post pics of the girls from time to time.

Autumn's birthday party

So I didn't send any invitations and I don't have some of your phone numbers anymore. Autumn is having a birthday party in Riverside this Saturday at 10:00 We would especially love to see old San Bernardino and Riverside friends of Autumn. If you can make it, email me for directions. (redacted)

Work in progress

I noticed you soon as I got there
Your sparkling eyes, your long black hair.
We were swept away time left us alone
Time to say godnight, call you on the telephone.
Together now most every night.
A smile a laugh make everything alright.
My world was starting over, never thought I'd fall for anyone,
But you weren't just anyone, and now your gone.
You've got my heart, don't let it go.
You've got my heart, I miss you so.
You've got my heart, you've got to leave me. Giving you this heart, that part was easy.

Christmas break

So, if anyone can point me to an ethical way to not have to work anymore and still provide for the family, let me know. My company shuts down between christmas eve and new years. This gave me a whole week to just play with my girls. We had so much fun, and I could just do house work whenever as opposed to trying to squeeze it in sometime betwen work and sleep. Here comes a completely different tangent. I am typing this on my new phone and it is cracking me up because as I am tapping away, the girls are busy tapping away at their leapsters. It is nerdy quiet time. It's too bad I haven't figured out how to post pictures from here, I've got some god ones from our trip to the zoo.