If we are the body

Recently a speaker i was listening to posed a question that I have had stuck in my mind ever since. "What would this world be like if every morning, each of us prayed and sincerely asked our father in heaven 'what can I do today that would be of most worth to you?'
The second thing on my mind, I heard today. "Pray to be filled with the love of Christ." If each of us did this, imagine the work and the progress we could do and make as a civilization. Ghandi famously said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" So, I apologize to the lady I pulled out in front of this morning. I didn't have to slow to exactly the speed limit when you flashed your brights at me. No, I don't actually feel sorry, but it's a start right?


I've got two drafts barely started on here where I had been reflecting on change. In both, I didn't write enough to be able to pick the idea up again and finish the thought. So, instead I'll write a little something about change from where I am today. The past two years have been an almost continual whirlwind of change. At the most primal, basic level, in me there has been a constant upheaval. Like an underwater volcano. Powerful and definitely observable, but much to deep and unreachable for most to see. Old gashes have been filling in, constant eruptions have create new creases and a few canyons. But the landscape is certainly different than it was two years ago. And almost unrecognizable from the way it looked in 2001. On top of that, thankfully the protective waters of my children, family and friends have remained mainly calm. With only a few tempestuous storms that, as far as I can tell, don't follow any sort of pattern or measured frequency. Above that, the winds and clouds of my career have remained calm except for my own choices to stir things up. I enjoy my new job, but it is certainly a trade of peace and stability for one of challenge and greater reward. I wrote that last part an hour or so after the rest and I feel like I've lost that train of thought a little so I guess that's all for now on change.