Musings on Malodorous Music

I am getting more tolerant of bad music. When twangy country comes on someones radio, I don't immediately change the station. I can even listen to Zombie by The Cranberries. Today, however I realized that Salvation by that same horrible band is a song I may never tolerate. I invite you to try a listen if you dare. I was working under the fume hood, fully focused on my work when the song started. I don't remember hearing the intro or even the first verse, but when I heard her bleat out the chorus, it was instant and painfull.

3 Responses to "Musings on Malodorous Music"

kay mcknight (visit their site)

Instant and painful is the expression for my moment. Just now I was reattaching Autumns work of art. It is dated 11/26/07. I started thinking about all we were doing in that time period. Needles to say, I'm in tears and saying "this really sucks". "I hate not having Traci here." It hurts too much at times. Did you know that it's impossible to swim and cry at the same time? Just FYI. I'm glad that you can tolerate a small amount of country. Traci and I are making progress. Tee hee hee

Kay (visit their site)

Ok, malodorous was a really big word that I had to look up in the dictionary. Good job, user of stinky music terms.

Phipps Family (visit their site)

I was looking through the phone numbers in my cell phone and when I came to McKnight I had to stop. The number is still in my phone even though when I called it 5 months ago no one answered. I just can't delete it.

I have found that you can find good songs in just about any kind of music (except for disco).