So I should be writing for nanowrimo right now. I had a nice relaxing Sunday and the girls went to bed nice and easy around 8:45. I thought about revisiting my tale of horror turned spy that I wrote in middle school, I thought about writhing about a group of unrelated adventure vacationers who have some tragedy nearly split them apart before allowing them to become closer to each other than they ever thought possible. I thought about coming up with some wild story that was in itself a metaphor for something going on in the world, or using that metaphor or allegory to describe an aspect of science I enjoy. I also thought about writing about a fictional corporate espionage book involving competing next generation energy companies. In the end, (I know two days into the competition isn't the end) I decided that things are still too hectic for me to devote enough time to writing every day to stay on pace.
(Published Nov 11th 2014)

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