Someone on facebook wrote a status update stating what one word defined 2009 and what one word thy hoped define 2010. If you don't know, I think new years resolutions are dumb but I liked the idea of boiling a whole year into on word. So, I'd like to think that healing is the word that defined 2009. And hope that growth is the word that defines 2010. Life is finally pretty stable and predictable. (I'm almost afraid to admit that for fear of upsetting the balance) I've grown into my new shell in the past year and a half and now I feel like it's time to stretch a little. I'm ready to start hunting for new career opirtunities and I've started dating and am enjoying the experience. (As a side note... I'm writing this at the park and have to mention that Autumn is a boy beater. When we are out playing, I often have to tell her to stop wrestling the boys to the ground.)


Kay (visit their site)

She's a chip off the old grandma block. A life long friend of mine reminds me of this bad habit I had every time I see him. He tells anyone that will listen that I used to wrestle him to the ground while in nursery (ages infant to 5) He laughs & he makes me laugh a long with him.