Into the thicket

I saw a king with a wooden horse. What does a king need a wooden horse for? Can’t he trust a regular horse to do what he needs?

Of course I could get a normal horse to do what I need, but have you ever seen a real horse crafted as finely as this?

I had to admit I had never seen a finer horse in life or in media.

The wooden horse, he explained, lacked the common comfort of a soft living horse but when he pursued a fox or a rabbit into the thicket there was no bone blood or fur to tear on the sharp thorns.

But the heat, the connecting of life, the opportunity for both to enjoy the victory. Where is the passion you share?

I am king, if I want passion, I command it There is nothing I lack.

So as I talked a fox darted across the path into the thicket and the king went galloping past. The king tore through the thicket in search of the fox. Even as his kingdom dwindled and crumbled around him.

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