"No title" probably worked better.

I'm just writing. I wonder what happened I wonder why I wonder where the pain goes when it isn't hanging around like a snake, coiled around my brain secure and warm. If life is to live then why don't I feel? If death is to be gone then how do I breathe? Open windows, random thoughts, they both let the cold in and I wish it wasn't winter. I don't remember moving so far north. Where are the palm trees? Where is the bright sunshine. A breeze picks up an old photograph and I catch a glimpse of smiles. And warmth. I've got to find a new job because all this walking around hurts my knees. Blank. Gone. Thought about balloons, why balloons? I read that if you attach a note to a balloon and send it up into the sky, maybe it will reach them. Errant thoughts, wiped clean. just press send.

2 Responses to ""No title" probably worked better."

Crystal (visit their site)

you should submit this to some magazine. It is really good! It was great to see you and your fam on Sunday. Your girls are adorable!

Kay (visit their site)

My knees hurt too. Time for a new job. Mom