A status update

We moved into our own place this weekend. If you call searching for 10 minutes among boxes to find a pan to toast quesadillas on moved in. Boxes are everywhere and the key to the garage door doesn't work so I have to go out to the driveway and open the big door any time I need something from in there. But the girls are sleeping peacefully and I am enjoying having our own space again. I just need to find a way to be watching the girls and unpacking at the same time. Autumn hit Sarah with a stick yesterday while I was trying to pack up the last of the stuff from Matt and Andrea's house. Good fun times.


Fife Family (visit their site)

It must be nice to have your own place again. Congrats on the move! Maybe Autumn and Sarah would get into the unpacking if you gave them little jobs to do with rewards as motivation. It will probably end up taking way longer, but if you get them working together maybe they won't be fighting!