Christmas time

We just picked up our Christmas tree. I was looking for a sweet look from the girls, but we take what we can get .

5 Responses to "Christmas time"

Fife Family (visit their site)

Wow a real tree, how fun! And I love your matching shorts! Merry Christmas to you guys!

Kay (visit their site)

I love the pictures. I think that your family looks sweet. thanks Mitch!!
love mom

Phipps Family (visit their site)

How fun! I miss your girls- they are getting so big. Merry Christmas.

Greg and Shellie Lomenick (visit their site)

Come on, who wants sweet from their little angels???

Amanda (visit their site)

I can't seem to get a cute or serious pic out my kids these days. Someone is always rolling eyes, sticking out their tongue, or just acting goofy when I want a good shot. Like you said...when take what we can get.