Family update

The past few months down here have been an adventure. I was recruited for a new job back in november. The company is called synthetic genomics and they are in torrey pines. I finally took the job in february. It was a huge gamble because they only hire people on a temp to perm basis. I was told I would be hired on as a full employee after 6 months as a contractor. This meant no benefits, no paid time off and nothing more than a verbal gurantee of a job after six months. The gamble paid off and I am now full time with them. The work is fast paced and exciting. We are using biology to turn coal into natural gas. The only down side is that it added another 30 min of driving to my day and that's 30 more minutes the girls have to be in daycare. I'm going to register Sarah for kindergarten this week and Autumn is doing great in school this year. I've found a woman who will put up with all my quirks and actually seems to enjoy most of them. She and I have been as inseperable as two very busy people who live 100 miles away from each other can be since January. I've got my health and so does my family, I've got a roof over my head and food on the table, and great people surrounding me. Pretty strange.

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