Tears fears and smiles

If I told you what's on my mind a hundred showers would never get you clean. If showed you my single tear, we'd wash it all away. Wash it all away. But I've given up on tears. That's a suit i've forgotten how to wear. I'd give you a thousand smiles. Like a warm blanket wrapped around my fears. Into this morning we'd walk arms outstretched to take the whole wold in. I know any minute now the rain would come and see my cheers, and wash them all away, wash it all away. But gardens can't grow without rain and tears. A life can not be lived without hope and fears. New life springs best from baren soil. A field wiped clean with tools and toil. I close my eyes to see your smile. It's a face I haven't seen in a while. If I showed you what's in my heart you'd hear laughter too. A grin would stretch across the sky and we'd laugh it all away laugh it all away.


kay mcknight (visit their site)

I love this,it reads like a song.