As I thought about writing this on the way home from San Diego, the only feelings I had about the one and a half hour drive from or to SD were bad. I really miss Traci during this time. I feel all of the bad grief emotions during these drives. Today I especially seemed to revolve around depressed and self pity but in general I feel a lot of anger or sadness or confusion or.... you get the picture. I try to drown out my own thoughts with either talk radio or music. I need to face reality about talk radio and I. I don't give a flying fairy about politics right now. I don't care what amendments are or aren't passing. I don't care where the illegal aliens are going next or who's money they are spending. I guess that may be why I my thoughts easily wander during the drive. I am too busy wishing they would just shut up to be entertained.
However, as I am finishing up my day and feeling a little bit more reflective, what is actually bad about having an uninterrupted 1.5 hours to explore my feelings? I am going to try and make a more productive use of this pain. Sure it will continue to suck, but maybe this will help me reach more clarity and peace sooner than I would otherwise. Oh, and the cellphone law was a bad idea. until I get a headset, I will be txtng while driving, which is far more dangerous I am sure.

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marsden4 (visit their site)

Being alone with your thoughts might feel terrible, but you have to grieve in order to heal.You might hear that often, but it is true. I wish you best!

Karen Ahlstrom (visit their site)

Have you tried books on CD? Most libraries have them, and you can check them out for free. I find that they're a lot more entertaining than talk radio, and better at keepong my mind occupied than music. I also feel like I've spent a productive hour or two rather than just killing time.

Being alone with your thoughts is good once in a while, but you want to be safe while driving too.