Extatic crisis

Ecstatic crisis

Get up. Outside the light dusting of night snow masks the turmoil she sees as she peers through the fog soaked window pane bombs crash exploding in her mind reminding her of the day’s adventure.

Her supposed companion Timex alarm clock has betrayed her trust again. Not even the icy caress of a too hasty shower slows her pace. Lipstick in the purse hair dripping, like a tangled train steaming out of the station. Rush out the door.

Did I let the dog out? Wish I would have grabbed a piece of fruit on the way out. Cars and lights by some miracle yield to her will. Mom? Yeah be there in twenty. Wish she hadn’t sighed like that at the end. How long? Six months, a year?

Airport, there’s always plenty of yellow zones drop ‘em off and get outa here. But they sure make it a lot harder for you to park there.

Running now. Glad she forgot to put on any jewelry and left her purse in the car. She stares back at the annoyed TSA screener as she breezes through the gate without even checking whether the bells sounded, “You are a winner. Please delay your flight by passing through here ten more times until were satisfied the rivets in your jeans aren’t a threat”

The door from the plane sends its mass of bodies tumbling slowly through the opening. Find mom and dad they look better than I do. Slowly almost the last, the tired soldier hobbles down the ramp to her. If it wasn’t for the crutches he’d look exactly like she remembered.

It’s good to be home sis.

It’s good to have you home.

I am going to my in-laws now. It is a 3 hour drive to their house. The girls are already there. I am excited to see everyone but I am scared to be alone in the car for three hours with my thoughts. I seriously entertained the idea of getting a little buzzed before I left but legal and safety negatives aside, when the buzz wears off the problems are always there staring at you on the other side. Just not worth it. I've got all my CDs and the rental car we still have has sirius radio,

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