Finding the time

The schedule here in Mira Mesa is a little strange so I haven't had any time to sit down and write. I still don't have it. ( I have carried the laptop under my arm into another room twice just since I started writing this) It is weird making decisions completely by myself. While Traci and I were together, I rarely changed my decisions after talking with her. But it was a nice safety net knowing someone either agreed with you or what potential problems someone else saw with the decision. Taking this job was a no brainer, stay not working in construction for my father(who is busy now finally) or start working somewhere, anywhere with a steady paycheck and good benefits. But now I have more and more little things to think about that I miss being able to discuss with her. Autumn and Sarah are just doing so well down here and I couldn't be more proud of them. They seem to be coming home from daycare with nothing but positive things to say about Mrs. Bev. Part of me wishes I could afford the preschool style daycare down here. Autumn annd Sarah are so bright, they really excelled in the structured class room style projects they did every day in Riverside. That kind of program down here would be $175.00 per week more though.


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Hey Mitch,
I'm glad you guys found a place closer to work. It must be nice to not have to be in the car so much and to be able to spend more time with Autumn and Sarah. They are such sweet little girls. Traci always said that you were a great dad and always took such good care of your family. It's too bad daycare has to be so expensive! It's gotta be tough to all of a sudden be on your own in making family decisions. Even just the little things like you said. Two heads are better than one. But I know the Lord is watching out for you guys and will help you through prayer.