Stained glass window

He was given a coil of metal and pieces of glass. he crafted shapes, pictures and words from the wire and began cutting the glass and fitting it carefully into the shapes in the wire. He thought the finished product would look perfect when he was done. He could almost see it. less than halfway through, someone came along and brought their own wire and glass and began to show him how her wires and glass fit in with his. He knew someone else might want to help create his picture but he never realized how well the new pieces would fit into the whole. neither persons wires could be distinguished from the other and a new, even grander picture emerged. This new picture was even more complete than the first. Almost every shape had been planned out. It would just take some time to cut the glass and place the pieces. Without warning, someone came to tell him that the friend who had came had left and that the picture had been dashed in. No explanation, he didn't know whether his friend had broken the picture and left or if someone else had smashed it and taken his friend too. The whole frame was not broken and most of the glass that had been set remained. But holes and twisted wires would need to be plucked out and smoothed down. He had seen the finished picture. He should have been able to recall it and complete it himself. But the picture he now saw was changed, incomplete again. The glass could be picked up. And he would begin putting shapes and pictures and words back in the spaces the holes now occupied. I just wish I could see what my picture is supposed to look like now.

4 Responses to "Stained glass window"

Phipps Family (visit their site)

You write really well Mitch- I try and then end up erasing everything I wrote. How are Autumn and Sarah?

Mitch (visit their site)

I bet your writing is pretty good too. It just takes courage to post it even though you think it isn't any good. I don't really like what I write most of the time but I feel like it helps to put it down. The girls are riding the roller coaster pretty well. It breaks my heart when they cry for real. Sometimes they say they miss mommy to try and get out of doing something I ask of them but when it is real..... it hurts. All things considered, I think they are doing great.

Michelle (visit their site)

I also really enjoy your writing. I know it must be hard to pick up the pieces and start that window again, but it will be a beautiful master piece again one day. Count on that!!

Kay (visit their site)

Now I understand more fully while your fellow 6th graders waited impatiently for your next chapters. Your writings are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom